Brighten my birthday: It’s a day of new beginnings and a year of possibilities

A child’s birthday is more than a date on the calendar. It’s a day they eagerly anticipate and cherish throughout the year.

Let’s introduce you to Luna* in the Philippines, who will be turning 10 this year.

She says, “My birthday is special because we remember the day I was born.”

For Luna, her birthday is a day of pure magic, a day when she feels cherished and loved. But for many children like Luna, this magic wouldn’t be possible without your support.

Yes, I want to brighten my Linked Child’s birthday today!

Your special birthday gift reminds children like Luna that they are remembered and supported by beautiful people like you.

You can also organise an automatic Annual Birthday Gift so the children you support are always remembered on their special day.

Here’s Our Special Message for You

“It is not only about the school supplies and uniforms but also the training about child protection and safety that ChildLink provides. I believe that this support will help Luna* have
a brighter future and break the cycle of poverty that are family has suffered in. I see how the program empowers Luna to develop important life skills and build her confidence, which will benefit her beyond just her academic performance in school. Thank you to all the sponsors for what they do.

Birthday Gift Catalogue

Add on a gift for another child in our program that is struggling in spirit of your Linked Children’s birthday. These specials gift make a huge impact on their life. When you purchase a gift for another child it will be MATCHED by a group of generous supporters.