Your Christmas Gift Keeps Girls Like Myra’s Hope Alive

At only 12 years old, she only knows a life of poverty, hunger, and living conditions that few of us experience in our time on earth…

What is taken as a part of ordinary life for many Australians is a dream for little girls like Myra.

Myra lives in desperate circumstances. Her tiny house is a cramped room with a tiny bed she shares each night with her family. Next to the bed is the family toilet and a tiny kitchen. Myra and her family often go without food and clean water. Going without the basics is an aspect of life Myra has to deal with constantly.

Myra’s typical breakfast is a tiny bag of instant cereal powder. She then changes into her tattered school uniform that’s washed daily and was handed down from her older sister.

Your Christmas gift can ensure that girls like Myra have access to decent nourishment and that their urgent health needs are met. Your support can provide educational necessities like covering their school fees to ensure they stay in school, school supplies, tutoring for parents to help support their child’s education, and more that will give her a fair chance at a real future.

When you give this Christmas, your act of kindness will give a child like Myra hope of a better life.

Your Christmas gift will give children have a fair chance at a real future!

Thank you to the supporters overseas for thinking of me”

– Abano, 8 years old, Philippines

Your Impact This Christmas

Provide for Children's Most Urgent Needs

Help when it's most needed

Every child deserves the chance to be the best they can be, to reach their full potential.

Your gift gives children like Myra a fair chance by meeting their most urgent needs including nutritious meals, vitamins, health and hygiene kits and more... when a child has health, they have hope.

Give the Gift of Education to Children

Your gift is not just an education but a real future out of poverty

Your support will go to ensuring every child has an opportunity to an education.

Your gift can give children the much needed resources they need to succeed in school. School supplies and fees covered, tutoring for parents to help support their child’s education, internet for remote learning, improving classrooms and so much more… Education is key to breaking the cycle of poverty, when you give the Christmas towards a child's education you are giving them the wings to fly into a bright future.

Support the Entire Household

We work hard to ensure your support has the greatest impact possible

Together, we can allievate poverty in the communities that desperatly need help.

A greater gift can provide life changing support to the entire household… cash management and income generating classes for parents, skills training, business loans, self-help groups for mothers. The resources they need to rise out of poverty and build a real future.