Research shows that people care where they work and what they buy. 75% of the population would consider a company’s social and environmental commitments when deciding where to work, and 60% care if their work makes a difference! Therefore, there is more pressure, especially from the younger generation of consumers, than ever before on businesses to create a positive impact. 

INA is best placed to help businesses achieve that objective. We’d love for your business to partner with us on a journey of transformation together. 

Your business saves on tax, improves their corporate image and achieves a better bottom line… while making a difference to the world!

Reasons to journey with INA

  • Pooling our different strengths, together we can achieve much more for our society than individually,
  • Strengthen business brand and performance, improving your customer loyalty and positioning your businesses for the 21st century by being a caring company,
  • Enhance business’ social license,
  • A platform to engage staff and create a culture of care for the society and environment, enhancing staff retention
  • INA’s approach is empowering local Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) to deliver impactful programs,
  • All cash donations to INA are tax deductible, which means every dollar of your business’s spending on social impact is worth more than one dollar spent,
  • Every dollar donated from business can be matched by a four dollar grant from the Australian Government..

What will partnership with INA look like

  • Find a common interest (for example: women’s empowerment, child rights, sustainability),
  • INA offers a space for co-creation of innovative partnerships based on the principles of transparency, trust, equity and mutual benefits for business, society and the environment,
  • Support an INA project in your field of interest,
  • INA reports back to you and will promote our work and your contribution.

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