We believe every child deserves a fair chance to reach their full potential.

“I had to drop out of school to help provide for my family”

-Jazet, 13 years old, Uganda

You Have the Power to Give Children a Future

When you become a child sponsor through INA, you link to a child and become a ChildLink Champion! We ensure that the funds you give are used to help not just the child, but his/her family and the community. This approach ensures your support and the benefits it brings are fairer and more widespread, this means no child or family in desperate need is left behind. 

Thank you for supporting my education.” – Lilith

Where Your Support Goes


Education and poverty are directly linked.

What if… the cure for cancer is trapped inside the mind of someone who can’t afford an education?

The Impact of Your Monthly Support

Families living in poverty often have to choose between sending their child to school or providing other basic needs. Through your action, we can provide your Linked Child or Children with the support they need. Your monthly gift will go towards providing them with school supplies, covering any additional school fees, tutoring classes for the parents to support their child, and much more...


A child who has health, has hope.

Children born into poverty are more likely to experience a wide range of health problems, including poor nutrition, chronic disease and mental health issues.

The Impact of Your Monthly Support

Your monthly gift will give children a fair chance by meeting their most urgent needs including providing nutritious meals, vitamins, medical services such as vaccinations for newborns, hygiene kits, mental health counseling for those who desperatly need it.

Household and Community

Providing greater support for a long term impact

When you sponsor a child through ChildLink, your support not only impacts your child but their sibilings, family, and community.

The Impact of Your Monthly Support

Your monthly gift will have a greater and more lasting impact when you sponsor through ChildLink. In addition to providing for your child or children your generous gift will go towards family and community child rights trainings, couselling support, generating and managing income training, and more...

How ChildLink Works

INA's Child Sponsorship program ChildLink provides children a fair chance at a real future. Through your monthly support, we adress the root issues and causes of children’s poverty and are able to create development projects to address them and help those in desperate need of intervention.

Linking with Your Child

When you sign up to become a ChildLink Champion, you will be Linked with a child who your support will go towards changing their life. A profile and photograph of the child will be sent to you for you to treasure and be reminded of the very real impact you are making on somone's life.

Connecting with Your Linked Child

You will receive an opportunity to communicate with your Linked Child through letter writing. This is an incredible way to connect with the child you are impacting!

Supporting Your Linked Child

As a ChildLink Champion you'll now have the chance to encourage, support, and pray for your child. Your love and care provides hope to these children and the joy of knowing that your actions are providing them with opportunities they wouldn't otherwise have is an incredible blessing.