Promoting Health Equality for a Brighter Future

Improving health in rural communities plays a pivotal role in creating a brighter future for women and children and alleviating poverty.

Healthier women and children are better equipped to pursue education, improve their livelihoods and contribute to their communities, laying the foundation for a more equitable and prosperous future for all.

Strengthening Sustainable Maternal and Child Health in Nepal

This life saving project works alongside the Government of Nepal’s (GoN’s) Safe Motherhood Program approach to improve health seeking and health promotion behaviours among mothers and young women.

Improving Maternal and Child Health in Ethiopia

Based in the Hadiya Zone of Southern Ethiopia, this transformative project aims to improve maternal, child and neonatal health outcomes across 15 Kebeles in the Lemo district.

Increasing Education Through Health Initiatives in Nepal

This project addresses two key barriers for girls’ education in Nepal: (1) Lack of WASH facilities in local schools, and (2) Lack of financial support for families to keep their girls in school.