A Fair Chance for Women and Girls

In rural communities, women and girls are more likely to live in poverty, have limited access to education, healthcare, and economic opportunities, and to face gender-based violence and discrimination.

When women and girls have a fair chance and equal access to resources, they are better able to contribute to the economic, social, and political life of their communities. 

Getting to Equal: Empowering Local Communities from Day 1

Every project we serve starts with partnering with a local organisation to address the issues at hand and deliver long term benefits. 

Our projects work to address gender inequality by providing greater access to education, healthcare resources, vocational training that enables her to become self sustainable, community gender equality training, self help groups, and more.

Supporting Girl’s Education through Self-Sustainability in Cambodia

This project will operate across five rural villages in the Veal Veng District in Cambodia’s west to increase access to education, clean water, sustainable livelihoods, and promote gender equality for vulnerable women and children.

Promoting Gender Equality in Climate Resilience in Laos PDR

A new project for INA based in Central-West Lao’s Feuang District, this program tackles gender equity and the impact of climate change on local livelihoods while enhancing the status and livelihoods of women within their rural villages.