Their Education, Their Future

By empowering children through education, we empower entire communities, fostering social mobility, reducing inequality, and creating a pathway to prosperity for future generations.

Every project we serve starts with partnering with a local organisation to address the issues at hand. This means they are always community led and driven so that all programs and initiatives become embedded in the communities and deliver long term benefits. 

Our Projects

Increasing Education for Disadvantaged Children in the Philippines

Project HEAL helps disadvantaged youth stay in school and receive greater access to support they need to succeed. 

Promoting Child Rights and Protection in Myanmar

This project addresses child protection issues in isolated communities by raising awareness of child rights, empowering individuals to advocate for child welfare, and supporting the livelihoods of local families.

Helping Children in Ethiopia Stay in School

Based in Southern Ethiopia’s Hadiya Zone, this project operates in an area where low yield farming practices contribute to the entrenchment of poverty including school attendance of children.