Gender Equality in Climate Resilience

Women and girls’ pathway to a more equitable future in Laos 

Focus area: Climate change mitigation, livelihoods and gender equity
Focus group:
Women and community people Location: Feuang District, Vientiane Province, Lao PDR
Target Beneficiary Count:  
1500 directly impacted *This figure does not include all the community members, family, etc. indirectly impacted

The Problem

While the impacts of climate change affect communities on a global scale, they don’t do it equally. Vulnerable people already burdened by poverty and oppression often suffer the most, while having the least ability to cope with the consequences. With their livelihoods already fragile, the climate crisis will continue to keep these communities in the cycle of poverty.  

The increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events such as flooding, wildfires and droughts jeopardize food sources and a chance for a sustainable livelihood.

When livelihoods are threatened, girls and women are at high risk for more conflict in the form of child marriage, human trafficking, and gender-based violence.

How You Can Help

By supporting the Gender Equality in Climate Resilience Project in Laos, you will ensure that local women, including those of minority ethnic backgrounds, have an increased capacity to develop climate-adapted livelihoods and thus a sustainable future for their community.

This will be achieved through targeted gender-sensitive training and outreach programs designed to build the skills and capacity of female farmers to adapt to climate-resilient strategies, through collaboration on community action plans, and the dissemination of farming supplies and seeds. 

The final aim of the project will focus on enhancing the status of women within their villages through awareness-raising and advocacy campaigns designed to combat gender-based violence and promote respect.  

Through this important work in the community, and your generous support, you will help transform the lives of women and girls not just for a better life today, but for generations and promote sustainable equality for all.  

Thank you for making this work possible!

Female students participating in a gender equality training activity

The Impact Your Support Will Make

Women and children will be less vulnerable to human trafficking, child marriage, and violence,

The community will be equipped and prepared for future climate change impacts on their livelihoods resulting in long-term impacts,

Increased understanding and awareness in the community toward gender equality and gender-based violence against women,

Overall poverty will decrease in the community resulting in better health, more opportunities for education, and a transformative rippling effect that will last long after the project is completed.