You Have the Power to Change Her Life

When you support SHE, you have opportunity to empower the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people on earth – women and girls in developing countries. Mothers, sisters and daughters alike now have the chance to find sustainable work, attend quality education programs and access adequate standards of sanitation thanks to the generosity and support of our SHE Champions.

Walk with SHE

Women and girls are almost always the most vulerable 

They often get less food, receive less education, and are disporportainly affected by poor sanitation.With many having little or no money, and no means to provide for themselves they are incredibly vulnerable to sexual and physical violence, child marriage, being trapped in the cylce of poverty, serious health issues, and more.

Through SHE supporters, we work to help lift women from the circumstances that keep them trapped in a life of misery and despair. 

Your support can give her a real future

Degnesh is a 13-year-old girl with three brothers and two sisters. As the oldest, she is responsible for many morning chores, including a 2-hour journey to collect water from a dirty stream.

Degnesh is constantly worried about the health of her family. She worries about her safety while walking that long distance. And she worries about her low grades in school.

She says, “Most of the time, I go late to school and sometimes I don’t go at all because I cannot finish my morning activities in time.”

Access to water that was closer to her community, clean and free of diseases, would mean Degnesh could attend school more regularly and on time. To get the education she needs in order rise out of poverty.

How You Make a Difference

Transforming the lives of girls and women

Your donations give her a fair chance at a real future…

Through your support, SHE provides girls and women an  education, trains communities in equal rights for women and girls along with men and boys, prioritises child protection training, promotes and supports health services to the poorest and encourages emerging women with vocational training, loans and the resources they need to rise out of poverty and be self sustainable. 

This past year SHE supporters helped,

Over 73,000 women be strengthed to be self sustainable and over 35,000 mothers benefit from maternal and child health related services.

700+ girls particpate in WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) programs and over 33,000 children be supported for better education, health and livlihoods.

Keeping vulnerable girls in school

Educating girls gives them the freedom to break free from the chains of poverty and make decisions to improve their lives, which has deep social implications. Giving girls access to schooling is a central part of eradicating global poverty, according to the World Bank.

A key obstacle to girls participating in school life is child marriage. Every year 15 million girls under the age of 18 are married.

The onset of menstruation is another key pressure point for girls’ schooling, especially in the developing world. A lack of gender separate bathrooms, no access to sanitary products, shame from peers, unsupportive teachers – all can contribute to a girl having no choice but to drop out of school because of her period. 

Gender-based violence in and around school is also a very real reality within impoverished communities. The international education sector has worked hard to get children into school, especially in the developing world, but girls also are facing dangers there. 

Our projects work to provide education and trainings to the entire community to adress these deeply rooted issues and create lasting impacts. Futhermore, we provide grils and women the resources they need to truly succeed and give them back control over their life.