I dream of becoming a lawyer someday and hope I will be supported through college so I can finish my education,” says Anaya*

*Named changed

This cramped room is where Anaya and her family sleep together at night. There are a total of 5 families (20 people) living in this house that is falling apart.

The hard reality is that without the support of people of her sponsor, Anaya would not be in school. Her family of five’s monthly income of less than $35 means education is not an option on their own. 

By sponsoring a child, you provide children like Anaya a pathway out of poverty and give them a chance to create a brighter futurefor themselves.

Anaya sitting on her “bed”. This is where she does her homework and remote learning. “It’s very noisy in the house when I’m trying to get my school work done but I still try” she says.

Anaya, 12 years old and in Year 6 knows supports like you have played a critical role in her education. Since Year 1, Anaya has been supported by your donations to the ChildLink program, and through your care and action, she has been receiving essential school like books and stationary supplies each year along with internet access to pursue her education.

One day she will become a lawyer. You will have made that possible.