Abegail, just 12 years old, is living in extreme poverty. She hopes to become a teacher…

Her childhood looks very different to most children here in Australia, what we consider basic rights and necessities are a dream to her. Children like Abegail, who have been born into a life of poverty carry heavy burdens on their shoulders and they worry about what their future holds for them.

Her father makes only $35 for a full day’s work, which is just enough to provide the bare minimum for her family to get by.

While her family struggles daily to afford the essentials they desperatly need, her parents have never stopped trying to provide her an education. 

They even borrowed money which they used to help buy her an old computer so she could complete her online studies. Unfortunately, she has had to share this computer with her five siblings for the past two years which makes finishing her school work incredibly difficult.

Thanks to the support of people like you, after becoming sponsored, she has stopped worrying about school supplies like books and stationery she says.

Children like Abegail rely on you to have a fair chance at life, and you make this possible.

“Thank you for supporting me” – Abegail, Philippines