Project PTK Emerge

Eradicating Poverty Through Livelihoods and Education Project

Partner: International Needs Sri Lanka (INLK)

Location: Puthukkudiyiruppu (PTK), Mullaitivu District, North-eastern Sri Lanka

(Note: INA does not have overseas offices and staff. We support, help grow, and learn from established in-country community-based partners). 

The Problem

Sri Lanka is rebuilding itself after 30 years of civil war. Amidst hope for the future are the persistent after-effects of the war, especially in the North, where the majority of casualties were. It is estimated that 100,000 people were killed and close to a million displaced. Mullaithivu district still shelters thousands of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) due to unsettled land issues. 

The struggle and pursuit of safe, dignified lives continue. Poverty has a significant impact on the vulnerable children and families within these communities. Allocation for housing is insufficient, and the majority of citizens only have ¼ to ½ acre of land, which is hardly sufficient for growing food. This leads to food insecurity and is a major contributor to irregular school attendance for children which further perpetuates the generational cycle of poverty. 

The Project

With plans to be operational throughout 7 villages in PTK across the program’s lifetime, this project aims to address the issues of food insecurity, youth unemployment, and veducational gaps among children and young people which have worsened in this area throughout Sri Lanka’s current economic crisis.

Food insecurity and income instability hamper the abilities of families to envision and pursue dreams for themselves and their children, resulting in the disillusionment of youth and perpetuation of the cycle of undereducation and underemployment. 

INA and INLK plan to address local youth education and employment needs by partnering with community leaders to provide at-risk youth with catered learning programs which include English-language tuition, sponsorships to access post-secondary education online, job readiness training, and career and internship pathways outside of PTK. This project will also address food and income insecurity through the creation of a number of Self-Help Groups to promote a sense of community, financial stewardship training, and a tailored roster of animal husbandry, agriculture and small business development training.  

Our Goals

Outcome 1: Improved access to high standard of education and pathways to employment opportunities for children and youth by 2025. 

Outcome 2: The targeted communities of the 7 villages in PTK will have improved livelihoods and food security through income-generating opportunities.  

Projected Beneficiaries: 1607 

International Needs Lanka is funded by ChildLink and SHE supporters.

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